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Page history last edited by Terry Warren 8 years ago

Welcome to Mr. Warren's website !

Now retired after 38 years as a full-time Illinois educator, I frequently substitute teach at several schools in the Illinois Valley area.


  June 3, 2013 - My final day  before retiring


I have been an Illinois public school educator for 40 years,

the past two part-time since retiring in 2013, having worked

for 21 years (1992-2013) at Putnam County Schools.


I stay active by enjoying hobbies, volunteering, hiking, and substitute teaching.



In addition to substitute teaching, I lead guided hikes at Starved Rock State Park.


Check out my Hiking Page to see a few more pictures of my hikes.






How to avoid the summer learning gap? READ!

  Article - Summer Learning Gap.doc 


Click this link to Find a book to read at lexile.com.


   10 Helpful Homework Hints

   Learn Your Multiplication Facts in 21 Days



Instructional Resources Page  

Click the box above for educational games, activities, and information.

Also, check out the Sidebar on the right-hand side of each page of this site.


    Some amazing quotes from perhaps the greatest college basketball coach of all times, John Wooden.


    Albert Einstein is another man who spoke many words of wisdom. Here are some quotes from the great genius.








(Additionally, there is some research and much anecdotal evidence to support these observations)


I am definitely a proponent of using stability balls (exercise/yoga balls) in place of regular chairs for some students. My personal experience is that I have seen it increase the ability of some children to be able to focus, resulting in improved behavior and academic performance. This link connects to just one of many available articles on this use of stability balls. Conducting a search for "stability balls in the classroom (or workplace)" will return a number of informative articles on the subject. Here is a link to another article on using balance balls in the classroom.



If interested in a balance ball chair, check out http://www.gaiam.com/kids-classic-balance-ball%C2%AE-chair/95-9333.html?intcmp=HPM2Nav.95-9333.20140923&cgid=9010001


Albert Einstein

Links to educational institutions and agencies - See the SideBar

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If you do not see the SideBar, click the small arrow above "Page History" (top right).

This will cause the SideBar to appear on every page of this site.


Follow the links on this wiki to fun and educational websites.

Be sure to check out the other pages, also.



 Click to watch a segment about and to hear the Gordon Lightfoot song about this tragedy.



Article - Summer Learning Gap.doc 


 Find reading levels. http://www.lexile.com


Why it pays to stay in school  http://www.bls.gov/emp/ep_chart_001.htm 


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Anonymous said

at 3:53 pm on Sep 15, 2006

I love the home page mr.Warren. It is the bast ever.

Anonymous said

at 9:02 am on Oct 23, 2006

Howdy Mr. Warren I looove to make power points in computers, it's super. =)

Anonymous said

at 9:03 am on Oct 23, 2006

steven bardo was a very good motivation speaker for us and I can actually achive my dream and see what I want to do in my life time.He made me think of my self and not other people in a way

Anonymous said

at 10:08 am on Oct 23, 2006

hello mr warren steven bardo was awesome he wa really inspiring

Anonymous said

at 10:08 am on Oct 23, 2006

Hi Mr.Warren Power Point making is pretty fun

Anonymous said

at 10:09 am on Oct 23, 2006

it was very educational

Anonymous said

at 10:09 am on Oct 23, 2006

HEYYYY WE LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!! It is rad. We LOVED Stephen Bardo!!! We ar going to watch NBA now that we know he speaks. His speech was very inspirational! we love you peace out duddee
love jessica and alivia

Anna said

at 7:20 pm on Aug 8, 2012


Kendra said

at 9:06 pm on Aug 9, 2012

love the wedsite

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